An uncorrupt capacity for compassion

Over the past few weeks, I have been taken aback by people’s surprise, happiness and, at times, unease over my targeted demographic for an allegory of the gender transition process: children.
Of course, Deborah is not a woman trapped in a man’s body or vice versa. If Deborah was a Human, however, and not a Hippo who “knew that, really, she was a Unicorn,” then she would be a Transgender person.
I believe that it is imperative to broach adult topics with children in a way that is palatable, fun and compassionate. I understand that many people, due to underestimating a child’s capabilities to grasp difficult concepts, would prefer to shy away from approaching subjects, such as transgender issues with children.
Children, however, have a pure and innocent understanding of the world that is devoid of the prejudices Humans harbour once in adulthood. They are representative of our younger selves, with the same capacity for compassion and empathy that inhabited us, before we became corrupt by political and oppressive agendas. This uncorrupt potential for understanding and empathy within all children deserves nurturing with the same tenderness that one would show a tiny bird, kitten or puppy.
We, as adults, owe it to today’s children to ensure that their benevolence remains as untarnished as possible. We owe it to future generations and above all, we owe it to ourselves and the children we once were.
That I why I have chosen to write about the great white elephants (or Hippos, or Unicorns) in the room. I am also, incredibly grateful to be working in collaboration with the very talented Jeni Slattery (Mabel the Dormouse).
Thank you all, for all your support.
Pesha-Lily Thornton
(Phil the Dormouse)

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